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Before we tell you the top 5 digital marketing companies in India, let us throw some light on its importance. Digital Marketing is the reality, as much as virtual it may be, it is slowly alternating the traditional advertising and promotional methods. To survive as a business in India-a fast-growing economy- you need a well-designed marketing structure.

Whether you own a huge multinational company or a small restaurant, It’s most likely that you maintain a Facebook fan page for your business. If you haven’t set up one already, I’d advise you to set one quickly as that can do miracles for your business. Why just a Facebook fan page? nowadays, most of the organizations have their social media presence and websites as I’ve already said, “The world is going Digital and if you desire to stay ahead in the race you will have to get away with your old marketing methods.”

Adopting the Digital Marketing platform to promote your business is the greatest thing you can do reach out to the public that couldn’t be reached by regular methods. This is where digital marketing agencies come in handy, they use their expertise and sharp marketing techniques to put your business on the digital map.

But for this, you will have to make sure that Marketing is done right and for that, you’ll have to select the right digital marketing company. So to help you with this procedure, we present you the list of the top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in India. Be it making a full-fledged career in digital marketing as a professional or just growing your core business through digital means- these companies are the best Whether you aspire to make a career in Digital Marketing or want to grow your business these companies are the best.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in India | Bizariser


Dentsu Webchutney

Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in India | Bizariser

Dentsu Webchutney (erstwhile Webchutney) was founded in the year 1999 and has worked with some leading companies in India. Its founder members-Sidharth and Sudesh went on a long journey full of struggles to create some award-winning and most memorable campaigns for their clients. This has helped the brands to build and sustain a relationship with their audience.

Services provided: Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media support, Online advertising, Website Designing, Mobile Marketing, Analytics and Application Development.

Location: Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore

Top clients: Microsoft, P & G, Airtel, Unilever, Wipro, HDFC, Titan etc

Awards: Dentsu WebChutney has won various awards including the DMAI awards for its projects for Remit2India, Standard Chartered and Cleartip.

How to apply: You can apply for a job at Dentsu Webchutney by filling the career form but make sure you read the prerequisites beforehand.



Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in India | Bizariser

Pinstorm was founded in the year 2004, it ranks among the leading digital marketing/advertising companies in the world. They have chosen an approach that sees the strategy, user experience, web design, search engine optimization, research, advertising, mobile-friendliness, viral videos, Facebook campaigns, Twitter updates, real-time listening as well as responses as a seamless set of tactics that stem from one overarching brand strategy.

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, viral advertising etc.

Location: Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich as well as Santa Clara.

Top Clients: Walt Disney, Yahoo, Canon, HSBC, ICICI, Café Coffee Day, ET Now, GQ and many more

How to apply: If you want to work with Pinstorm, checking out their careers page would be best



Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in India | Bizariser

WATConsult was founded in the year 2007. It is a full-service digital marketing agency that delivers across the value chain right from launching a brand via digital media to building a brand’s salience via digital campaigns to driving business leads and sales for a brand. WATConsult is basically an allrounder in the field of digital marketing.

Services: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Digital Analytics and Digital Video Promotion.

Locations: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore

Top clients: Warner Bros, PVR Pictures, Nikon, Phoenix Marketcity, Sony Six, Godrej, ONLY, Vero Moda among the others

Accolades: Some of their big awards include DMAI Gold Award for Lead-based search campaign (Reliance Group), Youth Marketing Award for Best Disruptive Digital Campaign (Jack & Jones), IAMAI Digital Award for best social media campaign (BestSeller Group) and a few others

How to Apply: If you are willing to join WATConsult, check out the job openings on their careers page.



Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in India | Bizariser

FoxyMoron was established in the year 2008, It was started by just 4 friends as an experiment and today, that experiment has transformed into one of India’s leading autonomous digital agencies. They have worked on various innovative, impactful, interactive and award-winning campaigns.

Services: Search Engine Optimisation, Website Designing & Development, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Video games and App development, Print Campaigns etc

Location: Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru

Top clients: L’oreal, AXN, Parle, High Street Phoenix, VIP, Cadbury Bournville, Starbucks, ITC and many others

How to apply: As we’ve said it before, for jobs- checking it out on their careers page will be the best bet.



Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in India | Bizariser

The latest entry in the list, Gozoop was founded in 2010, it
is a globally acknowledged Digital Marketing Agency that believes in cultivating your brand by optimizing your online reputation

Services: Integrated Digital Campaigns, Online PR, Mobile Marketing, Web Businesses, Social Media Marketing

Location: Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai

Top clients: Dell, Mumbai Indians, India Bulls, BMW, Amazon, Citi Bank, Ferrari, Asian Paints, MOD among many others.

How to make a career with them: Gozoop has been ranked among the Top 100 organizations to work for in 2015 by Economic Times which makes it one of the best to make your career with.

To identify which is the best digital marketing agency for your organization or business is a tedious task but it is also one of the most important as the future will depend a lot on it? In both the conditions, your know-how of digital marketing is critical. It should be done under proper guidance, for which task, Bizariser is always available for you Grow your Business with us.




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