How to increase sales during festivals ?

How to increase sales during festivals 

This article is about how to increase sales during festivals? There are many ways to increase sales during festivals. We celebrate So many festivals and those who are the one who does sales and service can benefit so much on the festival. 

Festivals are when people do so much shopping and shopping is at its peak. It is when they love to shop. Hence, they are great opportunities for running sales promotion campaigns. If you do it right, you will end up increasing footfall, shooting your sales up and definitely creating a buzz.

Doing little can help you get big profits and gain more customers. Increase weight and sound more in the market.

How to increase sales during festivals

How to increase sales during festivals


Following are the tips you can follow to increase sales during the festival

Make a list of festivals

The first thing to do is make a list of festivals you want to run marketing campaigns for. It is generally seen that marketers only run campaigns for three festivals – Diwali, Holi, and Christmas, in fact, there are many more festivals which can help you get similar profits.

Create and target onsite messages

Once you have decided the festivals, next is to create onsite marketing campaign – like; put up a hello or welcoming bar throughout the site or put a popup on exit intent.

Communicate your offers before the season

Tell your customers and audience about the offers through social media platforms, you can also use SMS, emails, store announcements, hoardings, website etc. If they have information about what to expect, they might just drop in to check things out. That’s when you can surprise them using one of the tips below.


Festive goodies

You will definitely be decorating your store. Apart from the festoons and hangings, you can also get goodies designed especially for the season. For e.g., if you have heart shaped bags with ribbons attached on it for Valentine’s Day, your customers will tend to keep that bag and maybe carry it around. More visibility to your brand/ business name.


Surprise your customers

Try to give away something to every customer. It could be something as simple as a small heart-shaped soft toy or even gift cards with endearing words written. If you can manage a personalized card, that would really help. For purchases of bigger amounts, you can think of gifts like movie tickets, dining out coupons, book vouchers etc. Surprise your customers!


Promote the festival offer on social media 

How to increase sales during festivals

How to increase sales during festivals

Social media has a wide reach and if you promote your offer well via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc there is a high chance of enormous traffic landing on your website.

Some tips that can help you market your campaign better on social media are

Figure out the trending festival hashtags.

Post frequently and promote your offer.

Reduce queries by mentioning the places the offer will be valid for.

Use festival based graphics to make the offer more exciting on social media.


Hire a digital marketing agency

Digital marketing companies are great when it comes to promoting something because it’s their job and this is what they do.

You can choose email marketing, social media marketing or a complete digital marketing package.

They are not very expressive and the return is good.

You end up having more customers, customer engagement, increased Goodwill and more profit if you hire a good digital marketing agency.


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Manage the footfall

Season shopping spree means increased footfall. A poorly managed crowd may lead to huge loss in sales. Customers often leave at the sight of big queues at the billing counters or trial rooms. Have action plans ready for the D-day. Billing counter queues can be managed with the help of efficient POS software like FusionRetail handled by well-trained staff who know what they are doing.


So there you have it. These are the tips you can take and follow to increase sales during festivals while increasing your business/brand  Goodwill, customer engagement and profit.

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